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Garage Door Repair, Service, and Maintenance

Garage Door Repair and Maintenance in the Findlay, Ohio Area

The Findlay Door & Hearth team of garage door repair experts and skilled technicians have received professional factory training from our industry leading brands. They specialize in maintaining and repairing a wide range of garage doors, including custom and commercial doors. Our team can also address both common issues and complex challenges with ease and expertise. When you need garage door repair, maintenance, and emergency service, you can trust us for prompt and dependable garage door repair services!

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Garage Door Repair and Service in Findlay, Ohio

When your garage door isn’t working properly, the Findlay Door & Hearth technicians and installers are equipped to handle any garage door issues, ensuring your garage operates safely and efficiently. Garage door emergencies can arise unexpectedly and are usually inconvenient. Whether your door is stuck halfway down, your remote is malfunctioning, or you are hearing annoying, grinding noises, you can trust our expert team to address these challenges promptly and effectively.

Attempting to fix a garage door emergency on your own, whether for residential or commercial issues, can be risky and even life threatening. Garage doors are extremely heavy and their springs are under immense tension; thus, you need to leave all repairs to our factory-trained professionals at Findlay Door & Hearth. We will quickly and correctly repair your garage door, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

Typical garage door repair and service requests include:

  • Broken or cracked springs
  • Broken track, uneven or off-balance tracks
  • Dented, uneven, or damaged panels
  • Broken or malfunctioning safety sensors, or eye sensors, that make your garage door inoperable
  • Automatic garage door openers not opening or closing, or functioning properly
  • Remote garage door openers or keypads not working or responding
  • Garage doors only open half way or won’t open or close completely

Regular Maintenance of Your Garage Doors

While garage door maintenance might not be at the top of your fall or spring checklist, it’s essential for ensuring its functionality and long last operation. Our team at Findlay Door & Hearth conducts thorough proactive servicing, including a comprehensive inspection. Our technicians and installers will assess and address any potential issues, ensuring that your garage door operates safely and reliably throughout every season. While garage doors can withstand significant usage and temperature fluctuations, we advise yearly seasonal maintenance to catch potential issues.

Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

Findlay Door & Hearth garage door Inspections include:

  • Lubrication of hinges and rollers
  • Inspection of roller and cables for fray
  • Review for stressed hinges
  • Inspection of springs, fasteners, and cables
  • Tighten any bolts that have become loose
  • Inspection of safety sensor photo eyes
  • Inspection of weather stripping and seals
  • Determine if any parts or mechanics are damaged and require replacement


Garage Door Emergency?

Garage door problems can happen at any time, so if you need emergency service, call our after-hours Saturday services at 567-271-0122.

Six Common Garage Door Emergencies:

  1. Wall Unit or Remote Doesn’t Work – The garage door remote may need a battery replacement. However, the garage door remote may need to be reprogrammed, the safety sensor could be misaligned, or there could be a mechanical or electrical issue that requires a technician’s attention.
  2. Garage Door Won’t Move – There are several reasons why your garage door won’t open or close. The springs may need to be replaced, the main drive gear could be broken, or trolley carriage could be broken. If your garage door is open and a spring is broken, the heavy door could come crashing down, causing injury – call a professional immediately to repair your garage door.
  3. Garage Door Doesn’t Close All The Way – A problem with the safety sensor is usually the reason a door won’t close all the way. However, faulty gears, misaligned doors, or other mechanical issues could be at play.
  4. Garage Door Grinding Noise – Sometimes a loud grinding noise can be fixed by applying lubricant; however, there could be a bigger problem. The rollers, hinges, or springs may need to be replaced or the doors could be out of alignment.
  5. Garage Door Comes of Track – Usually a door comes off a track because it has been hit, but there can be other issues such as the horizontal track is not aligned with the vertical track or the rollers or lift cables are worn out.
  6. Power Outage – When you are inside your garage:
    • Pull the red emergency cord to release the lever on the trolley carriage.
    • You can then open the garage door manually.
    • Make sure you open it all the way and it is in a stationary position.
    • If the door still won’t open when you pull on the emergency cord, there could be another mechanical issue that will require a service call.

Time to Replace Your Garage Door?

If you need a new garage door, check out our guide to quality garage doors here.